Why choose us?

* France marketing team;
* New York design team;
* R&D team(Core technology team from USA, France and China);
* Core technology team has more than 100 people;
* More than 1000 workers;
* More than 26000 Square meter of international production base;
* CE,ROHS,FDA various certification;
* Production strength and production process standards.

Our advantages

  • 01 R&D and manufacturing capabilities
    Many years accumulated R&D and manufacturing capabilities,make a very strong e-cigarette ODM and OEM.We start from product design and strictly comply with your requirements and provide suggestions for you.
  • 02 Advanced equipment
    production process are using selected high-quality sheet metal and imported high-precision production equipment. test and bench test to ensure high quality and straightness.
  • 03 Capable of purchasing
    We also have long-term OEM/ODM cooperation with major international brand companies. Because we have advanced international production management methods, perfect quality control system and excellent team. We believe that can provide most valuable products.
  • 04 Quality control
    Throughout the manufacturing process, we have strict IQC incoming inspection posts.IQPC inspection and OQA inspection. Ensure any problem is not passed to the next workstation.
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